About Me

In the late '90’s, I began working as the in-house artist and digital designer for Mount Royal Commemorative Services (Mount Royal Cemetery) in Montreal. These projects included drafting memorials for local families and quick pencil sketches of existing monuments for out-of-town families. It was a fantastic opportunity to teach myself technical drawing and develop a love and respect for a simple HB pencil.
Subsequent professional roles focused on digital art and branding projects, including the artwork for a line of hockey goalie masks. Transitioning to the role of Graphics Product Manager for Airborne Entertainment, I had access to some of the greatest artists and art departments of the world’s largest brands, while I also spent countless hours curating art images for distribution to over 150 million people worldwide. It was an incredibly inspiring time as an artist and provided some real insight into the "business of art".
Beginning in Jan 2017, after two decades working in digital and traditional art mediums and fighting the feeling that I was drifting dangerously close to a career in sales that did not interest me, I picked up a pencil to start drawing full-time. What was born out of a personal challenge to quickly sharpen and develop raw skills, immediately became a passionate form of expression with purpose. 
My artwork focuses on a snapshot in time, such as musicians in their finest moments, athletes displaying perfect form, and imaginative wildlife scenes of struggle, futility, grace, or irony. When working with graphite, I embrace the challenge of creating evocative images using grey hues and lighting alone to heighten the dramatic elements. When working with acrylic paints, I look to bring out the dramatic colours in reflections on instruments and glistening skin tones. 
Much of my work is focused on musicians we've lost because I also work as a musician and have always been deeply connected to music my entire life. I enjoy turning to my bass guitar when my eyes need a rest and I cherish having the ability to be able to pay tribute to musicians who have inspired me in this way. It is a true merger of my two greatest passions.
I currently live in Montreal, Canada with a couple of great kids and equally great dog, Jasper.